Yamate Gakuin 50th Anniversary Projects

Yamate Gakuin 50th Anniversary

A giant step towards the future:
Yamate Gakuin reached the 50th anniversary of its foundation in April, 2016.

Congratulatory message from
executive chairperson
Takako Shinozaki

『 The Importance of Roots 』

50 years ago, the fledgling Yamate Junior and Senior High School took root in Konandai. Its founders, Setsuko Emori and Mikio Matsunobu, were the first and eighth of eleven children raised in relative poverty during difficult times. I was the last born, number eleven.

With a view to helping young people fulfill their dreams, my father decided to expand his business, Yurindo. His efforts saw him wear himself thin with overwork: his only days off were New Year’s Day and one other day spent taking his employees on a bus trip. My mother worked tirelessly to support my father while also ensuring that her children had an appropriate environment in which to study. My sister and brother, having been raised in my parents’ mold, poured their energy and dreams into creating Yamate Gakuin.

There is a collection of Mitsuo Aida’s works, entitled “We’re Only Human – Almanac of the Heart”, which I dearly love. I read one of his quotations each morning and contemplate its true meaning throughout the day. On December 19, his phrase of the day was “The flower is supported by the stem, the stem by the trunk and the trunk by the roots. We never see the roots…” I cannot help but nod in agreement. If we think of ourselves as flowers, we lose sight of the roots that deserve our respect and gratitude.

I would like to remind everyone at Yamate that we are what we are today because of a dream our founders held dear. Our Principal, Ichiro Osawa, experienced the founders’ zeal at first hand as one of Yamate’s first students. I hope each of you will avail yourselves of his insights and bloom gloriously!

Lastly, I would like to ask your cooperation. Helping each Yamate student find his or her dream is an expensive process. On the occasion of our 50th Anniversary, I ask you to consider making a contribution and thank you for your continuing support.

Takako Shinozaki
Executive Chairperson
Yamate Junior & Senior High School
September 2015

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